How We Work


At Goodhew Projects we value team work. All our projects will be created by our team and collaborators where we strive for excellence and it all starts with that initial inquiry. We like to meet our clients so we get to know you and what you require from the beginning. It also gives a trust element from the start, you begin to know who we are and we can discuss the project in depth. We will then request any information you have to start the process. If you do not have any information, we can still help and provide you with some assistance in moving your vision forward with some of our external collaborators.

Estimation and development

We will ‘assess and analyse’ the project information and provide our expert knowledge on approaching the project with as little disruption as possible. We will then provide the client with a full itemised bill for the project so there are no hidden costs. We will also provide you with a construction programme for you to understand the timescales of the project.

Approval and Confirmation

Once the costs have been agreed between both client and contractor, we will forward on our terms and conditions and request you to sign our order form.

Pre Construction Meeting

Prior to any work starting, we ensure that you are happy to proceed and that you understand everything involved with the process from inception to completion. We are here to make the transition be as seamless as possible. Please ask any questions you may have. From there, we can agree start dates that suit both parties.

Construction begins

The process begins where we provide you with excellence, knowledge and exceptional workmanship.

Problems and anomalies

Construction is never straight forward and sometimes problems do occur. If and when problems are found we will bring this to your attention and provide you with solutions, timeframes and costs to overcome the situation. We keep these as transparent as possible so there are no hidden costs. Once costs have been agreed, would require written confirmation to proceed with the additional works.